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Hey! I'm Sarah Encinosa and welcome to The Nurse Journal! I'm a full-time RN and a full-time DNP student. I created this blog to share my experiences, thoughts, tips, and tricks for surviving the wonderfully crazy world of nursing. Check out some of my articles!

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What is The Nurse Journal?

Look, I get it. It’s 7:30 PM, you’re still not done with that shift report, you missed lunch, only sat down to go to the bathroom twice in the last 12-14 hours, your patients are ticked off at you, your manager just yelled at you, and now you’re considering admitting yourself for acute hypertension.

I’ve been there and have felt all that pain and frustration. I recently created The Nurse Journal to share my experiences in hopes that they may resonate with my readers, whether you're a new or seasoned nurse, I will try to bring something for all. In this blog you’ll find:

  • Nursing Stories
  • How-To Survival Guides
  • Quick Tips and Tricks
  • Helpful Resources for School or Work


How-To Guides

These step-by-step guides will teach you how to organize your daily schedule for speed and efficiency, how to deal with stubborn patients, how to react appropriately to combative patients, how to handle difficult co-workers, and so much more!

Tips & Tricks

Need a better technique for injecting IV's? Not sure how to discuss a raise with your manager? These Tip's and Tricks posts have got you covered! They're built to be quick yet valuable tips for those days when you rode the struggle bus to work.

Career Advice for Students!

Nursing is a field with seemingly infinite opportunities, which makes choosing a starting point that much harder. In these articles, I will help you land the perfect job that fit's your career & life goals. I also share my personal experiences and the experiences of other successful nurses along the way.

Helpful Resources

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